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CARPRO Lift Snow Foam Review (500ml) Pre-Treat Wash 2022

carpro lift review

carpro lift review

If you are looking for a quality pre-treat wash to help you get your car ready for the winter season, then you may want to consider the CARPRO Lift Snow Foam. This product is designed to help you remove dirt, grime, and salt from your car’s surface, and it can be used on both paint and glass. The CARPRO Lift Snow Foam is a 500ml size, and it comes with a pump for easy application.

Highly concentrated pre-wash foam (500ml) CARPRO Lift Snow Foam

What Real Users Say About CARPRO Lift Dissolves?

Good with vinyl stripes?

This Soap is safe for Vynal stripes.

Is it safe touse on waxed,ceramic coated, or sealant protected car?

I would not recommend using Lift on Cermaic coated, waxed or vehicles that have sealants unless you’re wanting to remove them.

Does it remove bugs

Not entirely, but no car shampoo entirely removes bugs, they have to be specifically targeted. But then again, every bug is different.

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CARPRO Lift Snow Foam Reviews from Amazon

Great product!

I used this as a prewash after not deep cleaning my car for the winter and spring season. This made my contact wash so much easier by removing a lot of the embedded dirt. It also smells good. I would recommend this product for any ceramic/graphene coated car.

Very good product

Releasees dirt instantly and no scrubbing required.

Great prewash

This soap is great! You can see it carry the dirt off the the vehicle. Works best with power wash and foam gun. Does work good with my IK foamer


I’m a pro mobile detailer, and I use this shampoo to pre-soak a dirty vehicle before I hand wash it. Sometimes if a vehicle is not that dirty I’ll go straight to a hand wash, either way I’m very happy with its cleaning ability and foaming ability. I foams very well in a foam cannon and clings well. It’s very slick, providing plenty of lubrication on the surface. I would expect nothing less than excellence from CARPRO.


With the just the right amount of water, product, and foam canon, you’ll get a great thick layer of snow. Most of the dirt will come off after ten minutes, depending on the condition of the vehicle. I highly recommend this product

Great pre-wash!

Seems to actually “lift” the majority of dirt off your vehicle before washing! Great addition to the ceramic car care products!

I love this product

I love this product gived very good prewash

Review in one line

Good product, thickness and value for money

Recommend for ceramic coating maintenance

Newly ceramic coating Challenger, manufacturer recommended CarPro products and works awesome.

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CARPRO Lift Snow Foam Review 2022

Here’s a review of Car Pro’s new snow foam in the form of lift, which will be reviewed in today’s article. Essentially, car Prolift is a pre-soaked decontamination or strip car wash foam that can be used as part of periodic cleaning routines, perhaps prior to painting correction, applying new paint protection, or addressing vehicles that are extremely dirty and require a pre-wash solution that is more capable.

In the last few months, I have had the opportunity to test out lift on a number of cars before writing this review. Hope this can help answer your questions and provide some great information. Let’s first look at the dilution ratios and how they affect foaming and clinging.

Now I will share what I personally found most helpful here. However, please understand that the dilution ratio you will need for your personal use of your pressure washer and foam lens will greatly depend on the type of pressure washer you use and the kind of water you have. However, I have found that, giving or taking a 1 to 10 dilution ratio in your pressure washer foam lens, which is Carpro’s recommendation, should work well for you.

In my case, since I use quite a good foam lance and pressure washer with high pressure and flow as well as low mineral content or soft water, a 1 to 10 ratio was actually a little too concentrated as the foam was too thick, and as a result, it was pushed off the paint too quickly, as a result of its weight and bulk.

The only thing I did was open the water flow valve on my foam lance about a quarter of the way to allow more water to mix with the car pro lift so that it basically was diluted 1 to 15 and hit the paint with a great consistency that clinged very well and allowed carpro lift to dwell for about five to ten minutes, which is the best time for presoaking foam.

I also noticed that the snow foam was runny when I opened up the water mixing valve too much, and it also didn’t cling very well. It’s just a matter of finding that ideal water to product ratio to start with and then it should perform consistently every time with the same set-up.

How To Use Car Pro Foam For Low-Powered Pressure Washer?

Finally, on this point, I believe that a one-to-ten dilution with the foam lens water valve fully closed will be almost perfect for people with a more typical setup, but if you are using a low-powered pressure washer and if your water is mineralized or hard, it may not be the best foam lance.

In that case, you may need to use a stronger concentration of lift, but I wouldn’t go any stronger than a ratio of one to five at most. Next, I would like to discuss the safety and user experience of this product. My test of Lyft was conducted indoors and outdoors, on cooler and hotter days, and I let it sit for anywhere between five minutes and ten minutes, depending on the situation.

So far, I haven’t seen any residue or streaks left behind after applying it to about 10 cars, nor have I seen any damage or chemical etchings on the paint or trim. Furthermore, it seems to rinse off the car relatively easily especially for a stronger pre-soaked foam, so it appears to be quite safe in that respect.

Carpro Lift PH Level

It won’t be as challenging to remove as some stronger chemicals like apcs, degreasers, or even chemicals for removing tar and iron. 

We don’t believe the car pro recommends using the lift in a hand wash bucket scenario, so it shouldn’t cause you any grief or hardship when using it. Since I’m sure I’m going to be asked this question, I tried it out in that area as well. The lift initially foams up quite well in your wash bucket at a dilution of approximately 1 to 200, but you will notice that the foam just rises to the top and the rest stays underneath within a few minutes.

In this case, it just lost all of its suds, which was a pretty good indicator that Lyft isn’t designed to be used that way. One other thing I tested was adding about 50 ml of car pro reset to that same wash bucket, and that actually worked just as well. 

Both the lubrication and cleaning action were greatly improved as a result. If you do want to use it in a wash bucket to take advantage of lift’s greater cleaning power, I would strongly recommend adding some car pro reset to it for better lubrication and a better hand wash. otherwise, car pro reset is still a very capable car wash detergent in its own right so you may just want to stick to using lift as your pre-soaked foam and reset as your hand wash soap the other option is to foam up your car again and then just use that foam to hand wash the vehicle.

Carpro Lift Safe on Ceramic Coating

In my opinion, lyft is a much better hand wash detergent and it seems to work quite well if you use it for hand washing. Despite this, by comparison, I would still tend to say that the car pro reset still feels like it has better lubrication, so you may want to add a little reset to the lift if that’s the way you want to use it. In order to gather more information, I also performed a PH test.

I would say that it’s about 9 on the alkaline side of the ph scale, so it’s not particularly high, but definitely not your more standard ph balanced car wash soap in that aspect. It is only one piece of information about a product’s strength or gentleness that can be used to determine its ph balance, so you can still have products with ph balance that are still quite aggressive and products with extreme acid or alkaline readings that can also be quite gentle depending on their concentration levels.

As far as I am concerned, this is just some additional information about car prolife. Next, I’d like to discuss a very important point, which is how well lift works and how well it removes dirt and grime from a vehicle. Secondly, there’s no doubt in my mind that lift is a fantastic, pre-soaked foam in that it worked extremely well every time I used it to soften surface grime and allow the pressure washer stage to work more efficiently.

It will also be much more effective if you get its consistency right, allow it to cling better to the surface, and allow it to dwell longer. In relation to stripping off existing paint protection products, the method and technique used in applying the detailing product are just as important as the product itself. Although lift can certainly remove your more typical car waxes, it probably won’t remove a higher performing car sealant.

So lift certainly isn’t going to be your weekly maintenance car wash foam or detergent, but rather a product that you want to use occasionally to remove dirt. After that, reapply your favorite wax or sealant. I also tested how it compares to my favorite pre-soaked foam for decontamination, envy snow. i divided the cars in half and Tried to use very consistent applications and methods and really observe the results after a good dwell and pressure rinse down in the end. there just wasn’t any conclusive evidence that one did particularly better than the other car wash detergents are actually one of the hardest things to test and review in relation to how good they are at removing dirt and grime.

Unless there’s something obviously insufficient or bad with them they’re just one of those products that take a lot of time and use to rate them in that area so if you constantly get a Good result time after time that’s usually a great indicator of a good pre-soaked foam.

If you’re constantly seeing more general dirt and grime that just isn’t being removed then that’s another good sign that the product may not be the best in any case i feel like there’s quite a bit to like about car pro’s new snow foam lift from its great user experience and easy rinse off to its safety on car paint and trims as well as its effectiveness at softening and lifting grime and the fact that you can buy it in bulk to Make it more cost effective.

So what are the negatives i don’t currently have local prices for it here in australia as of yet but car pro certainly isn’t the cheapest brand so cost could be one of them the fact that it’s probably not going to be the best wash bucket car soap is perhaps another beyond that i don’t know what else i could find to complain about it. but if there are some of you readers out there that have been using it or at least tried it i’d really love to hear your thoughts on it And how it’s worked for you.


In conclusion, CARPRO Lift snow foam is a product that many car owners use during the winter months. It is a product that many car owners use during the winter months. The snow foam helps to lift dirt and grime from your vehicle’s paintwork with ease. It can also help remove stubborn stains and stubborn stains.

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